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October 27, 2008
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Not giving up by Flytrap-Hell Not giving up by Flytrap-Hell
Sonic group from my weird dream... The dream went like this:

I was walking in the street... But the city around me was half destroyed... Everything seemed to be awful, even the sky was grey. Then I noticed some people... no, furrys... Sonc furrys (som random ones).. they seemed to be really scared and they ran. Soon I noticed why... A group of robots ruled them. They feared the robots, becase they truly were killing machines.

And soon, I don't know how, I was in somekind of hidden base, under the ground. And there was our heroes, sitting around a table... But every character had some weird features...

And so, you can see the result from my picture. I tried to remember as much as I could. ^^ It sure was a dream what I liked... I really want to see the same dream again and see what happens for the characters. I also would like to make a little comic about that dream, hmm...
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sexpanda69 Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2014
Rouge looks so sad looking at her missing wing :'(
Sabrina123shadamy Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2014
It wpuld be awesome that you make a comic of this story
SpaceWonder368 Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Great job! This is amazing!
locket-keeper Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
NekoLadyProductions Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2012  Student General Artist
You. Are. EPIC!!! In my manga that I'm making, it takes place 20 years from now. I see so many similarities. See, there was an explosion (I am NOT gonna spoil it, I'm just making a ferk'n summary) and, well, Shadow and Rouge were in it. CRAP forgot to say the title is "Shadow Story". It's because Shadow is the main protagonist. Ironically, Cream is the main antagonist. Stupid Tails Doll. She calls herself "Creamilia". (Pronounced crem-i-lia) Anyway, you see Shadow laying on his side, NO RIGHT ARM, back turned, fire EVERYWHERE. But, that was just a flashback. Then you see him with a ROBO-ARM, a blind right eye, and an effed up scarred right-side of his face. In this, he wears dog tags around his neck, a white muscle shirt, baggy dark green pants with a LOT of zippers and cracked shoes. Yes, he can't run anymore. *fast-forwarding a mega-ton* You the see Rouge after a TON of DRAMA with an alternate outfit, bandages where her wings should be, (That's right. Her wings were too badly burned. She refused the robotic wings since it would remind her she doesn't have them any longer) an eye patch on her left eye with a scar stretching beneath it. She has boots that are rocket boots but aren't rocket-y, they're spike-ish. She has a full black suit, surprisingly showing little cleavage, which is later revealed are scarred. She has pink around the neck, on the base of her shirt, (which isn't covering all of her belly. What? It's Rouge. 38 Rouge but Rouge is Rouge.) on the end of her sleeves, the top of the arm gloves, on the area where her boots come up to the top of her knee, and as a belt. Her hair seems to be longer. She has pink eye make-up. Way later on at the Prower Manor (no one in the series goes there except for Blaze whom lives there) you see (HOT, RIPPED 28 YEAR OLD TAILS WITH A PONYTAIL) in his basement on his super computer working on something. You hear a familiar (a little tinny) voice upstairs say; "Master. Your food is ready," He yells, (with a smoking hot deep voice if this gets into an anime) "Alright, I'll be up in a minute!". Sadly, you see him wheel out in a modern wheelchair. He wears glasses, a long sleeved white shirt with the sleeves rolled up, blue jeans, and brown tennis shoes. He has a blue hair tie to hold up his ponytail, which is as long as China's. Same gloves.) While COSMO (she's an android. See, in this, it follows some story lines from "Sonic X", "2006", and "Sonic Heroes". Just say'n) is talking to a memory wiped NEKOMATTA Blaze (her hair is short, punk styled and dyed different shades of purple. A brown hoodie and black pants. Black shoes. Black fingerless gloves. Black make-up. White ears on the inside, and dyed dark purple on the ends. Tail is striped.) and revealed that when Tails's (now prefers "Miles") important papers flew out into the street, he got plowed by a bus. OUCH! Oh, and read that whole "Sonic would be depressed if he lost his legs" comment, well, then boo-hoo to him because he was the klutz who triggered the explosion while saving Amy (on a regular basis, and Shadow was saving Rouge on the other side of the base not routinely), breaking both legs and miraculously can still run like a normal Mobian, humanoid or animal. O.K., one spoiler. There has been these "Tokyo Ripper" cases (in this I made "country zones", they are in Mobulis's Japan) for 16 years and guess who. He said "Well, that's ONE way to stop the Eggman minions. Didn't you notice it was MOSTLY" *cold evil smile* ex-Eggman minions? The other were for practice or fun!" *revs up chainsaw and lunges at Creamilia* Yeah, did it to cope or whateves he's just crazy. :iconevilplz: Kux's kux are busted up and Amy is split-personality night heroine, her darker hero side calls herself "Dark Rose". While Silver is all magical Patchouli Knowledge yokai awesome sorcerer live for 8 thousand years and will still look around 20 dude. :iconpervysilverplz: Yeah, that's right. I gave him awesomeness. :iconawesomeplz: Oh, forgot! Shadow and Rouge had kids! :iconshockedplz: Yeah, when he was about to rescue her sparks flew and... it only takes one time! :iconpervyshadowthehedgehogplz: They ARE twins! Shader the moronic magic son. Yes, Silver is his mentor. XD He has Shadow's exact looks only he has Master Emerald colored eyes and has white pants, white shoes with a black stripe across the width of the shoe, a red tee with a green emerald amulet, and white frilly thingies. His personality is the exact opposite of Shadow's and 99% of the time his spells backfire with a hilarious result. He sometimes acts gayer than Grell Sutcliff (Shadow caught him singing and dancing to "PONPONPON" with a pink ribbon with a heart in the center) despite him having a Chinese Grim Reaper cat girlfriend Chi-Che Lung. You can see her character design on my profile. And then there is Sapphire. She has pink highlights and has long hair and has those three bangs in front that are also long. She has bat eyes (not the hedgehog eyes that connect) and wears her mom's old make-up. Her eyes are the same color of her dark pink highlights. She wears a pink v-neck t-shirt and a black belt with a big round gold buckle. A hot pink skirt that is shaped like Hatsune Miku's, although her personality is more like Akita Neru's... She is disrespectful to Shadow and calls him Shadow, not Dad because they met him like, right then. She wears white sneakers with hot pink straps and hot pink highlights. She has a boyfriend whom is a tall Russian Arctic Fox named Taroune. You always see her texting... Now, I'm no gonna tell ALL of the character designs... I spoiled it enough.
Flytrap-Hell Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2012  Student General Artist
Uh, it is great and all, but you didn't have to write that huge wall of a text. It wasn't eve a summary, since summary only tells you the main points. Not what clothes they are wearing or how they got which scar. =/
NekoLadyProductions Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2012  Student General Artist
I suck at keeping things a summary. I mean, I got an F on a report because instead of summarizing a book I retold it by complete accident. :iconstupidplz:
classicsonic23 Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2012
and i thought i was the only one who got awesome ideas from my dreams
EgyKisShadAmy Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2012
Spring-the-Vamphog Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
How could this happen in the first place
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